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Thank you for your order interest!


 Google has temporarily suspended reviews for GMB/Maps…

In the meantime, we have decided to offer Facebook Reviews!
In the review world, a Google review arguably has the most power; but number two would be Facebook, for nearly all businesses/niches…
I have always taught, and the experts agree, and the data proves, that having reviews on multiple platforms is best for conversions and rankings…don’t put all your eggs in one basket, spread them out…
Thank you again for your patronage, if you would like to order up some juicy Facebook reviews, here are the deets:
1. $10 each just like the Google reviews; these are actually much harder, and we may need to increase the price down the road, but for now, this is it.
2. Reviews will be left by profiles within a reasonable geographic region for the business, ie same state/country/etc…we cannot do anything better.
3. We offer a 45 day warranty with these, if the review doesn’t post or is flagged, we will do another one.
4. YOU write the review…this is absolutely essential….for many reasons…
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