Pokemon Go- The Next Advertising Medium For Businesses?

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Source: Flickr Michael Coghlan

Source: Flickr Michael Coghlan

If you haven’t heard yet, Pokemon Go is taking the world by a storm.

People of all ages are venturing outside of their comfort zones and experiencing a host of benefits. Including meeting new people, and learning more about their local area.

Apps are useful tools that we use every day yet don’t put much thought into, so why is Pokemon Go different? Thousands, if not millions, of people, are relying on this new app to point them in the right direction to find a Riachu- among other things- but what if you could redirect these avid followers to something else, like your business?

While the geniuses behind the incredible app don’t have any advertising or sponsorship opportunities planned at the very moment, that doesn’t mean that the opportunity won’t open up in the future.

That’s not stopping other smart businesses from taking advantage of Pokemon Go, however.


Getting Started With The Pokemon Go

While there’s no direct advertising opportunity with the app, businesses can still benefit from the hype without going over their budget.

Before you begin, it may be beneficial to learn whether or not your business location was one of the few lucky places chosen to feature a Pokestop or Gym.

This may require installing the app on your phone, but you may want to do it anyways. You’ll see why shortly.

After installation and becoming acquainted with the app, it may be useful to determine where all of the Pokestops or Gyms are in relation to your business. If your business happens to be featured as one of these heavily sought out locations, congrats!

You’re one step closer to world domination!

Not really, but you are at an advantage compared to your competition.


A Quick Word About Pokestops and Gyms

What’s so important about these locations? Pokemon Collectors frequently visit these locations to refill on much-needed items such as Pokeballs, Healing Sprays, and the occasional bonus item.

Source: Flickr Sadie Hernandez

To obtain these items, the people wielding the app must physically walk to the location to collect these items.

If your business is home to a Pokestop or Gym, this means you

probably will experience a high volume of foot traffic, if you haven’t already.

This is where you, as a marketer, come in.

When people are willingly visiting your business, it would be foolish to let the opportunity just walk out the door. Yet many businesses are doing exactly that.


Use Your Freebies!

Source: Flickr klabusta

Source: Flickr klabusta

Smart business owners will recognize that by offering enticing freebies to these Pokemon worshipers, may have the potential to turn into a sale later down the road.

Freebies don’t need to be significant. Many are getting by just fine by offering small and ordinary things like pencils, frisbees, and even t-shirts.

If you have something even more unique to offer, the more power to you!



Options For Non Gyms or Pokestops

What if my business isn’t a gym or Pokestop?

Not all is lost. If you know a close by gym or Pokestop, you may still be able to take advantage of this free advertising method.

Most of the time, the highly sought out gyms or stops are typically located at local parks or similar attractions.

While you may not want to set up shop at one of these places before first checking with the authorities, it’s time to get to work.


Marketing Done Right

While you want to promote and market your business to all the comings and going’s of the traffic, you want to do it in a manner that won’t be perceived as pesky.

This is where the power of the freebies comes in.

By setting up a portable table or booth type stand (again, check with authorities), you set yourself up at one of these locations and wait.

Hint: If it’s a particularly slow day in your area, you can purchase incense or lure modules to speed things along. These items can be purchased on the app (via credit card) and be ‘activated’ to begin attracting various Pokemon to your location, instantly attracting customers to your site.

As people pass by, offer refreshments or your other chosen freebie and spreading the word about your business.


The Future

Will there be an option for businesses to add a gym or Pokestop to their business location?

While people can only speculate, it would certainly be an advantage to both Nintendo and companies if they were to work together.

Nintendo would benefit by enabling Pokemon Collectors to take over more gyms and Pokestops, while businesses gain even more exposure as Pokemon collectors take to the city to become the very best Pokemon collector.

Until there’s an official method to feature your brand or business on the app, businesses will just have to take the above shortcuts until then.


Are you a fan of Pokemon Go? How are you using it to benefit your business? Share your input in the comments below!

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