What The Successful SEO’s Are Doing That You’re Not

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Being a successful SEO has nothing to do with luck and more about coming up with and implementing your strategies.  If you have any hope of becoming successful with SEO, you’ll need to develop specific habits that will propel you well past all of the wannabes.

If you think being successful at SEO has something to do with top end genetics or intelligence, you’re in luck!

Knowledge is Only the Foundation

Knowledge will only carry you so far!

Any serious SEO will dedicate most of their downtime to learning everything they can about SEO.

This continuous learning process is more than just clicking on a few blog articles now and then; it’s about becoming passionate about a lifelong study.

A study that won’t reward you with a diploma, but rather a steady paycheck providing you’re delivering what your clients expect.


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Education can take the form of attending seminars, workshops, and even watching a few videos on Youtube.

However, you don’t need to rush out and book your schedule solid, but if you can carve out time in your schedule to stay up to date on SEO- you’ll be golden.

With SEO, you’re never finished learning. Anyone who thinks they know everything there is to know about SEO is only kidding themselves.

The results speak for themselves.

If you don’t have time to read a few articles every week (who are you?!), then subscribing to a few Youtube channels may be better suited for you. Just be sure that the channel owner knows what they’re talking about and back up their claims.

They Have the Mindset

An SEO may share several similarities with a scientist.

The scientist is always tinkering with things to see how things work; not unlike that of an SEO. Yes, they may have a few ‘tried and true’ strategies, but a successful SEO will know when it’s time to abandon those plans, and try something else, i.e., when they’re not achieving results.

You don’t have to be a scientist to be successful, but if you have the mindset of one, you’ll be well ahead of everyone else.

It’s a Numbers Game

People who fail in SEO are usually the same type of person that are lead around by their emotions. If you want to make it long term; you need to exclude all emotions from anything SEO related.

It’s all about trial and error. A large part of your strategy will depend on trying and testing out new techniques. Remember the scientist mindset from earlier?

Rather than becoming discouraged when you don’t achieve the immediate results you want, you need to chalk it up as a failure and move onto the next technique.

SEO doesn’t care about your emotions, and neither does Google! 

The sooner you get this into your head, the better off you will be.

What does matter, however, is the numbers; but not just any numbers. These figures come from your analytics program. These numbers tell you whether or not your current strategy is successful or not. If not, then it may be time to regroup and revise.

Tools Are Only a Piece of the Puzzle

A very large puzzle.

Hundreds if not thousands of shiny new tools are being released every month, if not every day. These tools are supposed to make an SEO’s job easier- short of doing the job for us- but most of the time they don’t.

Instead of lining some other marketer’s pockets with money, become familiar with a couple of tools, and stick to them.

The only reason you should ever switch tools is due to software compatibility issues or if the new software WILL have an impact on your strategy. For this reason, it’s important to try the software on a trial basis and go from there.

Even if a new tool promises to make the job easier- think in terms of how inefficient it will be to ‘re-learn’ the process with a new software you’re unfamiliar with.

In other words- If it’s not broken don’t fix it.


They Walk the Talk

An armchair SEO can sit and talk about search engine rankings everyday-all-day. A real SEO can back the talk up with actual work.

Talking about how you can rank sites will get you nowhere- but coming up with a strategy and sticking with it will.

“Great SEO’s don’t just theorize. They act.” – John E Lincoln @ Search Engine Land

As mentioned above, anyone can sit down and create strategy upon strategy, but unless you’re putting them into practice- they’re useless, and you’re wasting time- Your time.

SEO Doesn’t Have a Finish Line

You may think that just because you’ve finally begun to see some results in your efforts, that it may be time to kick your feet up.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Once you start seeing results, then you need to pay even more attention. Achieving the rankings you want may be difficult, but staying in the top positions may be even more challenging and may require even more revising of your strategy.

Successful SEO’s are a rare breed, but their ‘secrets’ are not so many secrets, but rather tried and true habits that have become second nature to them.


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The successful SEO will always find ways to refresh their memory on new strategies and tactics, and will use the appropriate tools to conquer their challenges.

They’re focused on the end game and how to get there. 

Are you a successful SEO? What advice would you impart newbies who want to improve their technique? Share with us in the comments!

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